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Interview with Ms. Sawyers

What is your name?
Ms. Sawyers

How long have you been teaching?
5 years

Do you like the students you teach?

How many students are in your class?
27 students

Do you love teaching students?

What was your favorite subject in middle school?
ELA/English and science

What grade do you teach?

Why did you want to be a teacher?
Ms.Sawyers started off volunteering at a homeless shelter for children and discovered that she really enjoyed helping children so she tried teaching and loved it!

Which schools have you taught at?
Clark Avenue in Chelsea and Thomas.A Edison in Brighton

How many schools have you taught at?
She has taught at 2 schools. At the Clark Avenue, she taught all subjects to 6th graders and sheltered math class to 5th graders. She now teaches 7th graders at the Edison.


This is Ms. Sawyers. she teaches 7th grade math.

Interview with Ms. Henry

Do you love teaching students?
Yes, she loves kids.

Do you study every day before teaching the students?
Yes, because she needs to be prepared to teach the students.

Do you ever want to be a principal?
Never, because some principals need to be rough on kids.

Why did you want to become a teacher?
She loves kids and could never get bored with them.


This is Ms. Henry. She teaches 7th grade EL/A.

Interview with Mr. Nic

What is your name?
Mr. Nic

Why did you decide to be a teacher?
He likes working with kids.

How long have you been a teacher?
10 years

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
Seeing students happy with progress and growing up

What did you study in school?
Business and education

When did you become a teacher?

Was there anything else that you wanted to be?
travel writer

This is Mr. Nic. He is a great teacher.

Interview with Mr. Stern

This is Mr. Stern. He is the Principal.

Interview with Mr. Odioti

This is Mr. Odiati. He is the Vice Principal.

Interview with Ms. Doucet

This is Ms. Doucet.

Interview with Ms. Unknown

This is a teacher whose name we couldn't remember.
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